A.V. R. S Enterprises offer a large assortment of bulk potpourri ingredients and oils to either home or professional crafter. We can assure that we are using fresh herbs to make the above – mentioned spices for the Sri Lankan market under the SLS rules and regulations. All of us know the flavor of fresh herbs will add a delicacy and nice fragrance to any food item. If there is a nice fragrance in the food items, anyone gets a mouth-watering feeling ! If so, anyone can use our spices, salt, oils, tomato sauce and noodles, as ingredients to prepare a healthy and savory food complex !

Mr. K. A. Ramesh is the founder of A. V R. S. Enterprise and he started this business in 2004. At the beginning, he started this company in a small scale at Grandpass, Colombo 14 and gradually, he was able to expand his business to a greater level within a short period due to his un-ending determination and strenuous efforts. Now, our spice company in Wellampitiya is in the top level among the other competitors in Sri Lanka. The main features of these products are the luscious taste, healthiness, using the fresh herbs to prepare these spices and the competitive prices ! MOST DELICIOUS TASTE, AMONG THE VARIOUS SAVOURS !

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