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Quality spices in Sri lanka

We are a wholesale and retail company that offers the best quality culinary spices, such as Chili powder (roasted and unroasted), Curry Powder (roasted and unroasted), Crushed Chilies, Turmeric Powder, Pepper seeds (white and black), Pepper Powder (white and black), Gamboge (Goraka), Gamboge Paste, Cloves, Cinnamon Quilts, Cardamom, Coriander Seeds & Coriander Powder, Fenugreek Seeds (Uluhal), Sweet – Cumin (Maduru), Fennel Seeds (Mahaduru), etc. Apart from the above - mentioned spices, we are proud to introduce tomato sauce, Table Salt, Noodles and Papadam, for the Sri Lankan market, as well. Our customers range from individuals, who order just 100 gms. to high – class restaurants, Food Corners, Healthy Food Stores, Pubs, Hotels, who order in bulk quantities. Since our Spice Company situated in Colombo, anyone can access it very easily.

A.V. R. S Enterprises offer a large assortment of bulk potpourri ingredients and oils to either home or professional crafter. We can assure that we are using fresh herbs to make the above – mentioned spices for the Sri Lankan market under the SLS rules and regulations. All of us know the flavor of fresh herbs will add a delicacy and nice fragrance to any food item. If there is a nice fragrance in the food items, anyone gets a mouth-watering feeling ! If so, anyone can use our spices, salt, oils, tomato sauce and noodles, as ingredients to prepare a healthy and savory food complex !


Our vision is to prepare the spices, using much careful and germ-free ways and fresh ingredients for our Sri Lankan society, who loves to consume the healthy and tasty food, spending little money upon their satisfaction !


We want to be in the highest limit – sky limit – in this spicy business and offer more and more quality products for our citizens, which can be used in every kitchen in Sri Lanka ! We, also, wish to offer a wide range of naval herbs and spices to the Asian Market and deliver them to every corner in Sri Lanka and other countries in the world for everyone to buy them easily !